✦Artists's Statement✦

My works build a vulnerable, dream-like world where the viewer can find connection and catharsis. Through soft sculpture, puppetry, and quilting, I explore difficult emotions without judgment, embracing truth, shame, and fear.

By focusing on slow, tactile practices like felting, quilting, and hand-applied surface design to create anthropomorphized objects, I build empathy for difficult experiences. The accumulation of material in piecing and the coarse/fuzzy nature of felt exposes my self-image as a Frankenstein-thing, informed by my compounded experience as an LGBT person with serious mental illness. My cluttered, overflowing visuals express overwhelm and suffocation, contrasted with a sense of belonging and placement. I lean heavily on craft's history of baked-in empathy, embodiments of care, and building upon the work of one’s predecessors as a model for connection with others.

The chimeras and monsters in my work represent personal dehumanization with humor and compassion. I want the viewer to sympathize with and see themselves in these beasts as they cry, scream, and crave, scrambling to find their place in an ever-shifting world. But sometimes they find friends and are understood and loved for what they are, and through this understanding, they symbolize transformation and transcendence. There is nothing wrong with them or what they are becoming, and the works both chronicle and celebrate them, affirming that it is okay to want and to be desperate and to be lost.

♥ Bio ♥

Sascha Alice Weatherman (he/him + she/her) is a multimedia artist, quilter, and writer from Kansas City, Missouri. Informed by his experiences with serious mental illness and trauma, her work explores the fraught transformational journey to heal, reintegrate, and find community in an often-ostracizing society. Weatherman is graduating with a double-major BFA in Fiber and Art History and a minor in Asian Studies from the Kansas City Art Institute in May 2024. He was the first-place winner of the Tenth Annual KCAI Art History Symposium and a 2024 Windgate-Lamar Fellowship nominee.

♠Favorite Color: Red.
♠Favorite season: Winter.
♠Blood Type: AB.
♠Star Sign: Pisces.